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What stock clothes is?

What stock clothes is?

Stock clothes are original top brand clothes, bought directly from the producers of the brands and sold for a much lower price.
Stock clothes, sometimes called factory outlet clothes, are new, top fashion clothes for her, him and for kids - its not a second hand clothes!
Our stock clothes come directly from the finest European fashion houses. We only sell top brands last season collections.
The high competitiveness in the clothing market makes manufacturers often release new collections, and quickly sell out old ones.
As we are wholesalers we buy in bigger quantities and so we can deliver stock clothes to our customers at much lower prices.
We have special offers for all seasons and for all brands.

Why price is so low?

In order to get rid from the remnants clothes more quickly, manufacturers cut prices to the maximum. In this case, the price has nothing to do with the quality of product, its reduced only in order to accelerate the sale out of these clothes.

Why clothes are sold in bags and by weight?

Till the last time, indeed stock clothing sold only by weight. But recently, we have to sell it with the possibility of picking. That is, you can choose those things that you want to buy, rather than take a "pig in a poke", as is common in many other companies.

Stock clothes that can be purchased from a warehouse " Stock House " - is a trendy collection of clothes, brought to us by dealers of known European brands.
Once the collection of clothing of any brand in the diverted period was not realized at a nominal price, and during the sale, it usually moves from the warehouse of the brand in stock wholesalers. Actually, word stock means "stock, selection", and consonant verb is - "to keep or to have stock in the warehouse."
This is what the " Stock House " company does - sells from stock, a full range of clothing and footwear, where a number of objective reasons for not able to quickly find his masters in fashion stores. Now, however, this fashionable children's, men's or women's clothes gets a real chance to still be in the locker room of a mod, because now the price is significantly below shopping price.

The quality of clothes, of course, remains at the highest level, and the relevance of beautiful and stylish things will hardly suffer for half a year that have passed from the day of release of the collection. After all, you see, we rarely buy clothes only for one season, and it is unlikely what many of us are able to accurately determine the time-varying model. So, buying branded clothes from yesterday's stock collections branded stores, the buyer loses nothing, in no way, but seriously save money, which is especially important in times of crisis.

This is the most known and popular method of appearance to stock clothing stores in Europe, but not the only one. Also, sometimes, the clothes are delivered directly from stock plants-producing fashionable things, bypassing the store stage. The reasons for this abrupt change in the environment can be many: disruption of supplies for the Party of clothing, surplus products or materials, over-fulfillment of a sales plan, the desire to free up space in the warehouse fashion apparel and etc. And with such products also works "Stock House".

Also worth mentioning that there is a common misconception that clothing stock - it's the same thing as the clothes of second hand, but actually stock clothes and shoes - is a packed goods with tags and brand labels, fully retained its original commercial form. In this you will be able to see personally by visiting our wholesale store of branded European clothes in Riga!

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